Frequently Asked Questions

01How can I pay my Synergy North bill?

Your Synergy North bill can be paid in a number of ways. Most frequently customers pay online through their financial institution or through automatic bank withdrawal. Please visit our Payment Options page for more information.

02How can I check my Synergy North balance?

You can check your balance through MyENERGY. MyENERGY is our secure online portal where customers can check their balance, usage and receive electronic statements.

03How do I open, move or close an account?

You can open your account through our main webpage. Visit our New Accounts page to sign up online. You can move or close your account through the MyEnergy portal. If you are not signed up for MyEnergy, you can call our Customer Service office to do your account move or close. If you had a previous account with Kenora Hydro’s MyAccount or Thunder Bay Hydro’s MyTBHydro, the login has not changed.

04What steps do I follow if I’m building a house and need service?

Visit our Residential New Connections page to view the steps involved in setting up your new electrical service. You can also call our office local or toll free to obtain these steps from our Customer Service Department.

05Can I make arrangements to pay my Synergy North bill?

If you know you are going to be paying a bill late or need some time to pay an outstanding balance, check out our Financial Assistance page. You can also call our office to speak with a Customer Service Representative who can assist in setting up payment arrangements.

06Can I confirm a payment online?

Absolutely! Use our confirm payment page to let us know of a recent payment made on your account.

07What should I do when there is an unexpected power outage?

If there is no notice in your neighbourhood, be sure to check our Outage Map. All large weather related outages will be put on the map within thirty (30) minutes of the outage being reported. Outages are prioritized by public and crew safety first and size second. Please Report an Issue if you see downed poles, power lines, or lines that are sparking.