Local Advisory Council

Do you want to have a voice in your community?  

SYNERGY NORTH is now accepting applications for The Local Advisory Council.

You can submit your application to serve on the Local Advisory Council by completing the form here.

What is the Local Advisory Council?

The Local Advisory Council (LAC) represents the voice of SYNERGY NORTH’s customer. The LAC will offer input on customer needs and expectations to help shape plans the company is making to manage an evolving electricity industry.

The council works to address and discuss:

  • Customer Needs and Expectations
  • The Community
  • Organization and Planning of Capital Projects
  • Prioritizing Power Outages in the Community.

Goals of the Council:

  1. The LAC will represent the customer’s perspective and provide feedback on system planning, strategy and policies. The LAC will focus on decisions that will impact customers and provide SYNERGY NORTH with valuable input.
  2. The LAC will consider and advise on issues referred by SYNERGY NORTH senior management.
  3. The LAC will prepare a report for the Board of Directors every year outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the LAC. The report will include highlights of the LAC’s advisory as well as any suggestions for improvement.

Interested in becoming a member? Click here for more information and expectations for Local Advisory Council members.