About Us

SYNERGY NORTH provides electricity service to customers living in Thunder Bay & Kenora. We are committed to supporting our community’s electricity needs in a safe, reliable, and trusted manner. Continuously striving for innovation and excellence, we work together with our customers to create a stronger community for all.

SYNERGY NORTH distributes electricity to approximately 50,000 residential and 6000 commercial customers located in Thunder Bay and Kenora.

Delivering electricity to your home or business, we are the local, front-line customer service face of the province’s electrical industry; providing for the reading of customer meters, billing, customer service, and helping you discover new ways to save money on your electricity bill.

We plan, build & maintain the power line system for our communities and provide 24-hour emergency response to a network of over 1,400 kilometers of overhead and underground power lines between both service territories.

Thunder Bay Hydro Corporation
Thunder Bay Hydro Corporation is a holding company owned by the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, which wholly owns our subsidiaries Thunder Bay Hydro Renewable Power and Thunder Bay Hydro Utility Services. It also holds the shares owned by the City of Thunder Bay for Synergy North Corporation.

Thunder Bay Hydro Renewable Power
Thunder Bay Hydro Renewable Power is wholly owned by Thunder Bay Hydro Corporation. Its strategy is to develop renewable energy generation projects in the Thunder Bay area. The company owns, operates, and manages the Mapleward Renewable Generating Station.

Learn about our Renewable projects

Thunder Bay Hydro Utility Services
Thunder Bay Hydro Utility Services is wholly owned by Thunder Bay Hydro Corporation. It provides back-office systems and support, IT-hosted applications, underground locate services, metering services, and program management that includes conservation programs to other utilities in the region.

Our Mission
The mission of Synergy North is to provide outstanding energy services in a safe, reliable, and trusted manner to our communities in order to power people’s lives.

Our Vision
Your trusted partner for energy and related services.

Our Values

Excellence                                                                                                      Safety
Pursue being better in everything that we do                                          Promote, work, and live safely                                        

Reliable                                                                                                          Community
Supply our products and services in a                                                       Lead by example to build a stronger community
trustworthy, fair, and dependable manner