Move/Close Account

Move or Close Your SYNERGY NORTH Account Online

If you are already signed up for MyENERGY, you can do your move or close through your online account! Click the MyENERGY button to sign in and do your move online.


If you haven’t signed up for MyENERGY, you can complete the necessary form at on our MyENERGY Service Request page.



Manually Move or Close Your Account

If you are moving to another address within Thunder Bay or Kenora, you may need to close your old account and open a new one. If you are moving outside of the Thunder Bay or Kenora service territory, you will need to close your account and provide our office with your forwarding information. We need a minimum of five working days to make the changes.

You can move or close your account by contacting our office with the following information:

  • your current SYNERGY NORTH account number
  • name and current address
  • whether you are a tenant or owner
  • your new address and telephone number (if moving to another Thunder Bay or Kenora address we will sign you up for this location if required, if not we will update your forwarding information)
  • the final date at your existing address
  • owner/occupant information for existing address
  • initial date for new address if moving within Thunder Bay or Kenora

You may email or phone in this information to our Customer Services department:

Please note that requests for physical disconnection of a service are required in writing. View SYNERGY NORTH’s Terms of Agreement.