Forestry Maintenance

Why Does SYNERGY NORTH Trim Trees?

SYNERGY NORTH maintains and removes trees along utility easements to prevent contact with powerlines; to ensure public safety and to provide a reliable electrical service.

Trees are a significant cause of power outages. Outages from trees are caused by branches rubbing on power lines, branches falling on power lines, and trees falling across power lines during storms.

By trimming power lines on a regular schedule to a minimum clearance, SYNERGY NORTH will eliminate predictable safety hazards and reduce tree-related outages.

When trimming trees that are in contact with the powerlines you are putting yourself at risk. A momentary contact between the tree and energized power lines could be fatal to anyone who is in the proximity of the tree. Trees and the ground around them may become energized when branches come into contact with the power lines.

As a homeowner, you too are accountable for trees on your property and within the proximity to powerlines. Learn more about your responsibilities.

Utilities’ Access to Private Property

The 1998, Electricity Act of Ontario requires that SYNERGY NORTH maintain trees and brush to minimum clearances around its power lines. The Electricity Act grants access for SYNERGY NORTH to “enter and maintain any land for the purpose of cutting down or removing trees, branches or other obstructions”.

Easements are established at the municipal development planning stage that allows SYNERGY NORTH and other utilities to access and maintain equipment on private properties. In addition, homeowners and private businesses are required to sign a “Terms of Agreement” with SYNERGY NORTH that agrees to consent access for maintenance before service connections are made.

Clean Up

When a SYNERGY NORTH crew or an approved contractor is conducting tree trimming or line clearing during regular maintenance, limbs, branches, and other debris will normally be removed from the property.

In the event of a removal of a tree, larger pieces will be cut into manageable lengths and left for the homeowner’s use or disposal.

When trees and branches are cleared from power lines due to storm damage, emergency crews will not clean up the debris but will leave it for disposal by the property owner.

Information about Contractors

It is the contractors’ responsibility to contact SYNERGY NORTH for clearance on overhead powerlines. This service is at no extra charge to the contractor or customer.

To Ask Questions or Make A Report

To report a concern about trees and power lines, please call SYNERGY NORTH Power Systems Division at 343-1176.

To request the temporary disconnection of a line from your private residence to the main corridor in order to conduct tree trimming on your private property, call 343-1176.

To report a concern regarding boulevard trees, please contact The City of Thunder Bay, Parks Division at (807)625-2195.