Your Responsibilities

For properties that contain utility easements, we request that homeowners not plant trees or otherwise encroach on easements in a manner that will limit access or interfere with operation of the power lines.

Local utilities have the responsibility to keep trees trimmed under their main power corridors and within the municipal easements.

Homeowners are responsible for all the trimming and tree and brush removal for the property around private overhead service lines that link their home or business to our primary service lines.

Due to the danger of overhead power lines, unqualified individuals should never attempt to cut down trees or trim branches close to, or touching any overhead lines.  We strongly recommend that you hire a certified utility arborist or qualified electrical contractor to work under service lines.

To accommodate tree trimming under a service line, Synergy North will provide a free service disconnect/reconnect. (Limited to one per year)

We will only remove trees under a service line when these trees could fall into the utilities main power line and create a hazard.

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place

Homeowners can avoid service interruptions, help reduce costs and maintain a pleasant environment by ensuring trees of the correct size and species are planted near power lines. Do not plant trees that will grow tall near power or communication lines. Choose only low growing compact species.  Save tall trees for areas away from power lines.

When you are looking for landscaping options, remember to consider height and location. Look at the ‘mature’ height of the tree or shrub when considering a species for your landscaping near power lines.