New Commercial Connections

Acquiring Electrical Service for Commercial Services

Please note that if your service is to be 200 amps or less you will need to follow the steps for acquiring a small business connection.

For all services that are 3Ø 200-amps or greater and 1Ø greater than 200-amps, the steps to acquiring an electrical service are included in the PDF below. Please ensure to fill out the service information sheet to help initiate this process.

New Commercial Connections Guidelines
Service Information Sheet
Synergy North Conditions of Service

Electric Vehicle Preliminary Consultation Request –  for Commercial Customers

If you are a government organization or connecting a new service on behalf of the City of Thunder Bay, contact our Engineering department at (807) 343-1168 to be sent guidelines that impact you.

Freeze Up Period

SYNERGY NORTH discontinues underground service installations during the period of mid-October to mid-May each year. To be eligible for installation prior to the mid-October date, a service must have an inspection completed by October 22.

During this period, all customers, including residential customers in subdivisions, will be responsible for the digging and backfilling of their own trench for all underground services.

For any further information and options, please contact us.

For More Information

Contact our Customer Services department between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday at Thunder Bay Local (807) 343-1111 or toll free at 1 (833) 428-1451. You can also email us at if you need any assistance with this process.