New Connections

Acquiring Electrical Service for Residential or Small Businesses that are 200 amps or less

If you are building a new home or creating a new small business within Thunder Bay or Kenora city limits, follow the link below to print off the checklist to start the process to install your new service. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, contact our Customer Service department and we can gladly assist you in building your home/small business! Ensure to have filled out the Estimate to Connect Information sheet prior to setting up an appointment with our Power Systems Clerks.

Upgrading Your Electrical Service

If you are upgrading your current electrical service, please call our Power Systems office at (807) 343-1176 to schedule an appointment.

Freeze Up Period

SYNERGY NORTH discontinues underground service installations during the period of mid-October to mid-May each year. To be eligible for installation prior to the mid-October date, a service must have an inspection completed by October 1.

During this period, all customers, including residential customers in subdivisions, will be responsible for the digging and backfilling of their own trench for all underground services.

For any further information and options, please contact us.