Report an Issue

At Synergy North, we understand that your electricity service is important to you. When we are working in your area, we will provide general notices to warn you of expected power outages.

Power Outage Emergency

If you see any of the following taking place, call 911:

  1. Power lines down
  2. Sparks or Fires around power lines

Power Outage Non-Emergency

If you see any of the following taking place, call 343-1111 (option 2):

  1. A damaged hydro pole
  2. No electricity

Unplanned Outages

Unplanned interruptions are usually a direct result of storm damage, vehicle accidents, animals, or other unexpected events. For more up to date information on current outages please visit our outage map (link to outage map) or call 343-1111 (option 2)

When an outage occurs, we work first to identify and possibly solve the problem remotely.

  • If we know the outage calls for direct intervention, we get crews to the site and ensure that proper safety procedures are in place.
  • Then we will update our outage line with the information that we have gathered.

Please expect at least a 30 minute time lag.

If you are unable to get through the phone lines, use the form below. For non-urgent customer services use our regular contact form.

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