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Financial Assistance

Arrears Process

Has your account fallen behind? To avoid disconnection, it is important to contact Synergy North as soon as you receive a notice in the mail or receive a phone call from our office. Please ensure your phone number is up to date with our Customer Service department.  If Synergy North is unable to reach you, a final attempt will be made by delivering a notice to your door with the disconnection date, giving you about 48 hours before the power disconnection. One final phone call attempt will be made the day prior to disconnection.

If your power has been disconnected, Synergy North requires the full balance to be paid or for  the customer to enter into a payment agreement. In most cases, the power will be restored once  payment has been confirmed with two (2) calendar days.  Please contact our Customer Service  department as soon as possible to see what options are available to you. To let us know if you have  made a payment, you can use the Confirm a Payment form online. All rules and guidelines for Customer Service are available through the Ontario Energy Board website. For more information regarding past due accounts and disconnection processes please use this link.

Synergy North has a payment plan that can assist you, as well as programs that are available to assist vulnerable customers.

Arrears Payment Plan

Payment plans are an option for customers who have fallen behind. An Arrears Payment Plan will allow you to repay your previous debt over a period of time but current bills will need to be paid by their due date. Please contact our Customer Service department for more information or to see if you are eligible for an arrears payment plan.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Low-income or vulnerable customers can get up to $500 in emergency assistance for your electricity bills ($600 if your home is heated electrically) from two agencies within Thunder Bay and one within Kenora. The assistance is available if you are behind on your bill and may face having your service disconnected.

In order to access emergency assistance, please contact:

Lakehead Social Planning Council
125 Syndicate Avenue South, Unit 38
Victoriaville Centre
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6H8
(807) 624-1720

The District of Thunder Bay Social Services Administration Board
Housing Security Fund
231 May Street South
Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1B5
(807) 766-2111

Kenora District Services Board
211 Princess Street
Dryden, ON
(807) 223-2100
Toll Free 1-800-461-5766

Low Income Customers

Special rules regarding arrears and help to pay your hydro bill apply if you are deemed a ‘low income’ consumer. All information for who is deemed ‘low income’ and the rules that apply can be found through the Ontario Energy Board website. Please visit their page dedicated to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

Ontario Electricity Support Program

The Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP) helps reduce electricity for low-income households with a monthly on-bill credit.  The amount of the credit will depend on how many people live in your house and your combined household income.  You must apply to receive the credit.  This program is administered by the Ontario Energy Board.

Learn More about this Provincial Program 

Apply Now or call toll-free 1-855-831-8151

COVID-19 Electricity Assistance Programs

The Government of Ontario has announced additional relief for electricity bills. Details on how customers can access these funds will be released as information is available.

  • The COVID-19 Electricity Assitance Program (CEAP), which provides one-time payment support to customers who require help in paying any electricity debt during the COVID-19 period.
  • The COVID-19 Electricity Assitance Program for Small Businesses (CEAP-SB), which provides support to small business owners who require help in paying electricity bills as a result of COVID-19.