Hit the Brakes! Not Us.

SYNERGY NORTH is renewing  its commitment to safety and aims to promote driver caution in work zones.Hit the Brakes! Not Us reminds drivers to slow down and pay attention when traveling through work zones.  With roadways shared by both workers and motorists, the utility underscores the shared responsibility of ensuring everyone’s safety on the road.

Everybody deserves a safe workspace. The roadside is often the workplace for many Synergy North employees.

As a driver you are an active participant in the safety of SYNERGY NORTH crew members who are working just feet away from you. These are critical steps that can help to make sure every roadside worker goes home at the end of every workday.

  • When you see a roadside crew, slow down, drive with care and stay alert.
  • Think about every one of those orange cones and roadside signs with a person standing right beside it.
  • Watch our Hit the Brakes! Not Us. video

The SYNERGY NORTH Hit the Brakes Pit Crew will be on location at a few public events over the next couple of weeks to engage with the community and share this powerful message. To learn more, stay tuned to the SYNERGY NORTH Facebook page.