Call Before You Dig

For your safety, before you do any yard work that requires digging; you should place a request for a locate service.

SYNERGY NORTH will receive the request and provide an underground cable location service at no charge during normal working hours within 5 working days from your request.

ON1Call will help you to identify companies who may have underground cables and forward a locate request to each of these companies.

Call ON1Call when digging for:

  • tree planting
  • party tents
  • children’s inflatable activity centres
  • fence posts
  • decks
  • pool excavation
  • anytime you are going to put an anchor peg or shovel in the ground

ON1Call 1-800-400-2255

For guidelines regarding how to proceed near buried cables, read the Electrical Safety Association GUIDELINE FOR EXCAVATION NEAR UTILITY LINES.

Making contact with underground power lines can cause serious injury – even death, so please call ahead.

Following up with SYNERGY NORTH

If you need to follow-up on a locate request please call 807-343-1111, please note you must have a ticket number from the ON1Call service.