Electricity Retailers

Electricity Retailers buy electricity from power generators to sell to customers at a fixed price for a set number of years. Paying a fixed electricity rate results in not having Time of Use pricing.

How would I sign with an Electricity Retailer?

Electricity Retailers solicit customers through advertising, mail outs, phone calls and door to door visits.  Synergy North does not go door to door to solicit. If you are ever unsure of an individual at your door, customers always have the right to ask for identification.

After I have signed, what should I expect?

Once you have signed with an Electricity Retailer, you will still receive the bill from Synergy North, but the electricity portion of your bill will be set by the retailer. If you have any questions or concerns about the electricity rates, the phone number of the Electricity Retailer is included on the charges portion of your bill.

Compare your current costs to what they are offering

Use the Ontario Energy Board’s bill calculator to determine what choice best suits you.