Electric Universe

Our Hi-Line Hazard Electrical Safety & Awareness Program is offered as part of our public safety initiatives and is designed to educate young learners about electricity, the potential hazards involved with electricity, and to promote their safety when using or playing near electricity. The Electric Universe Virtual Program is targeted to students of all ages; but, is specifically beneficial to those in Grades 3 & 4.

Below are the exciting places to visit in the Electric Universe Program:

Louie’s Space: Learn from the rules of safety where you live, work and play. Play games, watch movies, and more!

Movies: Louie the Lightning Bug (Grade 3) and Lenny (Grade 4).

Games: Play a memory game, build a circuit, put together a jigsaw puzzle, and build your own turbine in the Games section.

Teacher Resources: Visit the “Just for Teachers” section for lesson experiments and references for hours of classroom learning.

For Teachers: There is no registration required to use the program. Accompanying handout materials are available for students and if you would like a package delivered to your school for your students, please email sfrattaroli@synergynorth.ca to make arrangements. A minimum of one week’s advance notice is appreciated to allow for the preparation of the materials and delivery to the school office.


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