Station Electrician/Technician

A Station Electrician/ Technician performs electrical/ mechanical construction and maintenance on our utility’s substations, vaults, Operations Centre and associated buildings.

Where to Start

Consideration as an Apprentice will be given to those applicants with:

  • a Secondary School diploma or equivalent with a good mathematical background;
  • a Provincial Journeyman Electrician Certificate and an Electrical/Electronic Technician’s certificate with Computer Control components; and
  • 5 years experience working in station maintenance.


Once you are hired, you are enrolled in the Municipal Electric Association’s (MEA) Journeyman Substation Electrician Program, for a 4 year apprenticeship. This education is combined with on-the-job and formal training.

Sample Duties:

  • Install SCADA related equipment, radio control and AutoCAD.
  • Inspect, calibrate and repair various electronic equipment and associated protection and control equipment within the utility.
  • Inspect, clean, modify and repair various heavy equipment (transformers, high voltage breakers, switches etc.).
  • Perform electrical maintenance pertaining to substations, the Power Systems building, and associated utility owned buildings and vaults.
  • Perform electrical construction pertaining to substations and Thunder Bay Hydro buildings.