Meter Technician

A Meter Technician is responsible for monitoring accurate power consumption and demand for customers with proper meter installations, testing, and record-keeping.

Where to Start

Consideration as an Apprentice is given to those applicants with:

  • a Secondary School graduation diploma together with excellent mathematical skills;
  • an Electrical or Electronic Technician certificate or an Electrician certificate; and
  • a Completed meter training and digital metering course.


  • Once you are hired, you are enrolled in the MEARIE Journeyman Meter Mechanic Certificate Program for a four-year apprenticeship. This education is combined with on-the-job and formal training.

Sample Duties

  • Performs cross-phase analyzing, reports results, and takes appropriate action.
  • Exchanges and constructs new single and three-phase meters and installations of meters.
  • Installs primary metering installations and energizes meters after installations.
  • Upgrades existing installations on existing customer premises and analyzes installations after meters are energized.
  • Operates computer using software for remote meter reading of larger users, industrial and commercial customers.