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Heating & Cooling Program

Why should I upgrade?

Heating and cooling systems make up 60% of the average household’s total electricity bill. Upgrading your heating and cooling systems can save up to $320 / year in energy costs.
If you need or would like to upgrade your heating and cooling system, contact your local participating contractors for the purchase and installation of a new heating or cooling system, and receive eligible incentives:

Non-Electric Heated Homes

  • Save $250 on a new high-efficiency furnace
  • Save $600 on a new ENERGY STAR © air conditioner
  • Save $30 with purchase of an ECM circulator pump

Electric Heated Homes

  • Save up to $5,800 when you purchase a high-efficiency heat pump

More Information

For more information, click here
To find a participating contractor in the Thunder Bay or Kenora area: click here