Small Business Lighting Program

Small Business Lighting Program

Receive up to $2,000 in incentives toward your lighting upgrade

Don’t be left in the dark. Turn on savings for your business.

Do your store lights flicker?
Are your product displays poorly lit?
Do you spend too much money on replacing burnt out light bulbs?
Are you looking for ideas to help manage your operating costs?

The Small Business Lighting Program = A simple solution for energy efficient lighting

Sign up for the Small Business Lighting Program and eliminate the need to search for qualified contractors, obtain quotes, submit incentive applications, and coordinate project management and clean up. Let SYNERGY NORTH do the work for you!

Eligible business will receive:

  • A free onsite lighting assessment;
  • Up to $2,000 in incentives toward energy efficient lighting upgrades;
  • A turn-key installation

More Information

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Phone: 1-866-932-8283


Program Success Stories

Beaux Daddy’s

Retrofit: 95 lamps to LED’s
Total Equipment Costs: $8,000.00
Total Incentive: $2,000.00
Total Energy Savings: 15,011 kWh

J.B. Evans Fashions & Footwear

Retrofit: Interior & Exterior LED Lighting
49 indoor lamps & 4 outdoor fixture
Total Equipment Costs: $2,880.00
Total Incentive: $1,999.12
Total Energy Savings: 12,459 kWh
Savings per year: $1183.63